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SkiErg Testimonials

Jorgen Brink

The SkiErg can be a great training tool, especially to people who don't have much time. Its a big mass of people out there who are training for different ski races and especially Vasaloppet in Sweden, but also Scandinavia and a big part of Europe. It’s easy to go to the gym or stay at home and get in a hard session. I also like that you can compare how long you can go for a certain time or determined distance. It motivates people! I mostly do some kind of intervals—for example 5x5 min or 10x2 min. I am more focused with intervals. It’s like skiing and you can also go at a very quick pace. It's definitely a good training alternative if you can’t ski.

Editor's Note: Jorgen Brink is the 2010, 2011 and 2012 winner of the Vasaloppet. He set a Vassaloppet course record for the fastest time in 2012.