Oar Shafts - Sweep and Scull | Concept 2 Oars

Shaft Construction

Concept2 offers several shafts to match your budget and goals. Options may be limited by your choice of blade; not all blades fit all shaft types.

All our shafts are handmade in our Morrisville, Vermont, factory. Each shaft is inspected and tested to ensure consistent quality and durability.


The Ultralight is our standard lightweight carbon fiber shaft. Over the years, we have refined the construction of this shaft to be as durable as possible at a price that’s affordable. The Ultralight fills most boathouses and is known for its legacy of performance and reliability.

Stiffness options: Soft, Medium, Stiff


The Skinny shaft has become the high-performance choice for rowers throughout the world. The shaft layup contains high-modulus carbon fiber. This material allows us to engineer a reduced-diameter profile that decreases wind resistance, particularly in a headwind. The Skinny offers similar weight, durability and balance as our Ultralight shafts.

Stiffness options: Extra soft, Soft, Medium

Skinny Coastal (Scull Only)

The Skinny Coastal shaft is reinforced with durability in mind, built in response to the waves, surf, tides and unique demands of the growing disciplines of open-water and beach sprint rowing. The Coastal shaft contains fiberglass that increases impact resistance without significantly affecting weight. This shaft is suitable for anyone looking for extra durability without compromising performance.

Stiffness options: Soft, Medium