Blade Color Options for Concept2 Oars

Color Options

Concept2 offers the following blade colors in addition to our standard white. These colors are available at an additional cost of [prices:custom-blade-color] per blade and longer lead times may apply. There is no additional charge for the standard white.

Colored blades are available as single, solid colors only. You will need to apply any additional designs or stripes you may need. When placing an order for colored blades, please have the RAL number and name handy to give to our customer service representatives.

Important: These colors are from the RAL international color standard. Due to individual computer monitor and printer limitations, these samples are approximations and may not accurately reflect the true color. Please contact our customer service team if you'd like to receive a printed copy of our blade color options.

Standard White

RAL 1000 Series

RAL 1003
Signal Yellow

RAL 1004
Golden Yellow

RAL 1011
Brown Beige

RAL 1016
Sulfur Yellow

RAL 1017
Saffron Yellow

RAL 1019
Grey Beige

RAL 1021
Colza Yellow

RAL 1037
Sun Yellow

RAL 2000 Series

RAL 2000
Yellow Orange

RAL 2002

RAL 2010
Signal Orange

RAL 3000 Series

RAL 3001
Signal Red

RAL 3003
Ruby Red

RAL 3005
Wine Red

RAL 3013

RAL 3016
Coral Red

RAL 3018

RAL 3022
Salmon Pink

RAL 3027
Raspberry Red

RAL 4000 Series

RAL 4002
Red Violet

RAL 4005
Blue Lilac

RAL 4006
Traffic Purple

RAL 4007
Purple Violet

RAL 5000 Series

RAL 5002

RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue

RAL 5007
Brilliant Blue

RAL 5009
Azure Blue

RAL 5010
Gentian Blue

RAL 5012
Light Blue

RAL 5013
Cobalt Blue

RAL 5015
Sky Blue

RAL 6000 Series

RAL 6001
Emerald Green

RAL 6005
Moss Green

RAL 6010
Grass Green

RAL 6016

RAL 6018
Yellow Green

RAL 6024
Traffic Green

RAL 6026
Opal Green

RAL 7000 Series

RAL 7001
Silver Gray

RAL 7004
Signal Gray

RAL 7006
Beige Gray

RAL 7015
Slate Gray

RAL 7032
Pebble Gray

RAL 7035
Light Gray

RAL 7042
Traffic Gray A

RAL 8000 Series

RAL 8002
Signal Brown

RAL 8007
Fawn Brown

RAL 8012
Red Brown

RAL 8024
Beige Brown

RAL 8028
Terra Brown

RAL 9000 Series

RAL 9017
Traffic Black